DoitMobile Content Apps

Share your content with your audience. DoitMobile apps are content platforms. They come with an easy to use content management system (CMS), allowing you to edit and update your content, keeping it relevant and contemporary. Our apps are the fastest way to get your content on mobile and start communicating and interacting with your customers or audience.


Service Introduction

Our service includes the design, building and publication of apps for iOS and Android. This is made possible thanks to our pre-defined set of app configurations and our range of web-service technologies, which allow us to build and publish apps on time and within budget, as well as cover a range of different app categories suitable for all types of businesses, events, publications, clubs or associations. DoitMobile is not just another generic “Do It Yourself” app creation service. This is because we believe that every app we build and publish must be unique in terms of the content, media and the design it features. Our talented team of designers, developers and content specialists ensure your app fulfills your content delivery requirements, is consistent with your design preferences, aligns with your brand, business or corporate image and delivers amazing user experiences. Our apps features rich, relevant, engaging content that resonates with an audience and helps deliver visible results for your business, event, publication, club or association.

App Creation Process

At DoitMobile, we offer a complete app creation service. Send us your publications, brochures, catalogs, journals, programmes or any other relevant material or documentation, and we will extract the required text and media, make it relevant, engaging and interactive and only then will we add it to your beautifully designed, media rich app.

App Features

DoitMobile content apps are communication platforms that allow you to connect and interact with your target audience by delivering relevant and engaging content straight into their hands.

Our apps’ main features are:

Beautiful, functional designs To match your requirements, each app is individually customised with your preferred section titles, colours, logos, icons and content.
Real-time app content updates To allow you maintain and update your app’s content, we setup and configure your own WordPress content management system (CMS). Apart from adding text and media, there is little to worry about as your content updates automatically and the re-publication of your app is not a requirement.
Smart content download Our apps use a sophisticated content update mechanism, which incrementally downloads information using minimal bandwidth that helps app users save on roaming costs.
Offline navigation Because the app’s content is stored on a user’s mobile device, the app can be accessed offline.
Native apps To ensure smooth transitions and animations between app sections, our apps are fully native and are developed for every platform, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.
Robust apps All app features are thoroughly tested prior to publication. This process ensures that your app is fully robust and is never affected by bugs and other issues after publication.
Analytics To provide you with complete data on your app’s usage, we include analytics in all our apps.

What the Service includes

We provide you with a full app creation service, taking care of everything from the app’s design, its content and media through to its publication. We believe that quality is key to the success of your app and, as your technical partner, we want to contribute to your app’s success and ensure you are fully happy with the finished product. Our app creation service includes:

  • A consultancy service provided by our expert team of designers and developers helps pinpoint your app’s requirements.
  • Setup of all required web services to support your app, including a dedicated WordPress CMS installation.
  • Creation and deployment of your mobile content. We extract the relevant content from your documentation, emails and website, make it engaging and then add it to your app.
  • Because we guide your app through its publication process in the Apple and Android app stores, you never need to deal with complex account sign-ups, certificates or added costs.

Apps we offer

Our five app categories allow us to build and publish well designed apps that are rich in both media and content. Turn your ideas into great results and share your content with your target audience using our Magazine App, Brand App, Club App, Event App or Catalog App.
We are continuously working on developing ideas for further app categories and expect to roll out new app types in the very near future. Click on each of the following links for a more detailed overview of our app categories.

Extra Services

Further to our content app creation service, we offer a range of extra services to ensure you always get the best from your app.

1. Custom Development

All our apps are developed using our own specially developed technology and this allows us to deliver apps within budget and on time. If you require unique custom features for your app, our mobile experts will happily partner with you in creating any added feature for your preferred app category. Because of our unlimited framework and proprietary technology, our apps can easily be made more powerful with an array of special features.
Simply dream of a feature or brainstorm ideas with our consultancy team and we will build you some very special extra features. If you want DoitMobile to custom develop your app, you can book an appointment with our development team. Using agile methodologies, we can offer you hourly, daily and monthly rates and all at unbeatable prices. Contact DoitMobile today for further information about our enterprise services.

2. Extra Services

We can also deliver extra services and add-ons for your app on request, including:

  • Logo design and creation.
  • Full app design service:
    • Creation of your preferred graphic resources for your app.
    • A two hour call to discuss your app’s design and define your app preferences.
  • Initial app content creation:
    • Creation of the initial content for your app. We can extract your preferred content from a website, Word document, PDF or any other kind of document.  For example, if you have a booklet or brochure, send it to us and and we will create an app from it.
    • A one hour call to prepare and gather material required for your app.
  • App sponsorship:
    • Get sponsorship for your app. Your app will include:
      • Sponsor splash ad: When the app starts it shows a full screen sponsor’s logo.
      • Sponsor screen: Give your sponsor their very own app screen. This screen displays the sponsor’s name, logo and their contact details.
      • Sponsor’s banner on the top of each app screen.
  • Website creation service:
    • Get a HTML version of your app by creating a fully responsive website.
    • A responsive website displays the same content as the app and is managed from the app’s CMS.
    • Custom design based on a number of templates.