The event app includes the following sections and features:

Event Information Provides information about the event or conference.
Event Programme Lists the event name, time, day, date, and provides details on the event participant and event location.
Participants List Alphabetically lists event participants, and features participant biographies and their contact details.
Favourites Allows event attendees to save favourite events from the Event Programme and create a personalised event agenda.
Exhibitors List Lists event exhibitors’ names and contact details.
Sponsor Details Lists event sponsors, sponsor information and contact details.
Venue Information Provides information about the event venue.
Venue Map Features an indoor map of the event venue.
Event Location Map Features a Google Map showing the location of the event venue.

Targeted at:

Event organisers and promoters.


Suitable for festivals, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, expositions, weddings and seminars.

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