Although the Irish eCommerce market is set to grow to €21 billion by 2017, the bulk of Irish SMEs with a website are still unequipped to trade online.

Research commissioned by IEDR (Ireland’s Domain Registry) found that six in ten Irish SMEs have a website, yet 91% are unable to process sales because their website does not feature eCommerce capabilities. Even more surprisingly, of the 500 SMEs that were surveyed, more than half are still not using social media to market their business or brand.

David Curtin, IEDR’s Chief Executive, said businesses know it is extremely important for them to be trading online but are not prepared to do anything about it due to misperceived obstacles.

David Curtin stated that ‘In an ever more global economy, the absence of an online sales presence puts Irish businesses at a huge disadvantage to competitors and acts as a major disincentive to attracting customers, for whom buying online is now the norm’.

Further findings from the IEDR’s report show that:

  • 68% of Irish SMEs cannot process payments online
  • 51% of Irish SMEs are unable to interact with customers using Social Media or Web-Chat
  • 66% of Irish SMEs don’t have video content on their website.

If your business can’t provide customers with what they want online, then it’s losing out on a huge untapped revenue potential.

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