Instagram, mobile’s most popular photo sharing app, can enhance your business’s exposure, grow recognition of your brand and boost demand for your products or services. With over 300 million active global mobile users and still growing, businesses have seen the light and have started using Instagram to engage customers and increase product, service and brand recognition. Available on iPhone and Android, Instagram boasts many of Ireland’s top brands, including Ryanair, Tourism Ireland and Vodafone Ireland. To open up your business to millions of mobile users, use the following best practises as recommended by DoIt Mobile.

Showroom your products

Use Instagram to showroom your products to mobile users. If your business is serviced based, then showcase images that are crucial to services your business provides. For example, if personal training is your business, you could post photos of clients before and after they benefitted from your services, or showcase your latest designs if you are a fashion designer.

Showcase what your products can do

You can also use Instagram to grow demand by showing mobile users how to use your products and further engage your followers by inviting user contributions. You could also reach out to your target audience by encouraging users to share photos showing them using your products, with the best photo winning a small prize. If your business is service-based (fashion, hairdressing, makeup, etc.), show the impact of your work with before and after images.

Show product origins

As consumers have a curiosity about where their products originate, you could use Instagram to show where your products come from and also post photos of your shop, factory and the manufacturing process.

Show-off your employees

Give your brand that human touch by introducing your followers to those who make your brand possible. Post pictures of your employees and use the caption to share what their role is and what it involves. Showcasing your staff on Instagram gives your brand a human face and further engages your users.

Grow your Instagram audience

You can easily connect your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms to your Instagram account, therefore increasing your audience greatly.

Communicate with users

Always ask questions in your Instagram photo caption and always respond to user comments. This is another great way of humanising your brand and making your customers feel included.

Increase anticipation

Post images that satisfy your audiences’ curiosity, but also build anticipation for new product releases and office or store openings. Keeping your customers interested is an essential part of any marketing campaign and by letting your audience be the first to know about any new products, services or events, you are keeping them engaged.