Leave that unwieldy desktop and chunky projector behind and invest in some of the latest smartphone compatible mini projectors.


Beam_1Beam can turn your wall, ceiling, whiteboard or any other flat surface into a big screen. This small but powerful projector is equipped with a smart computer, which allows you to play games, display photographs, watch movies or share content from your smartphone or tablet.

The perfect gadget for your home or the office, Beam is easy to set up and control with the Apple and Android app. By screwing it into any light socket or using its power cable to place it on a flat surface, Beam entertains and assists you no matter the time or place.

You can use Beam to perform many ingenious tasks, here are just a few:

  • Watch TV on your bedroom ceiling
  • Play games using your phone or Bluetooth controller
  • Stream content from your network drive
  • Show presentations at the office or in the boardroom

This effective Internet of Things device is another great example of how tech is helping us live efficiently and work smarter.

The Smart Beam

smart Beam_3Similar in scope and utility to the Beam, SK Telecom’s Smart Beam is another portable projector that has recently hit the market. Small and light enough to carry in your hand or pocket, the Smart Beam can be used for work or play. Simply plug in to your tablet or smartphone and seriously impress colleagues and clients by beaming your PowerPoint presentations onto the office wall or just take it home, draw the curtains, jump into bed and stream the latest Netflix series onto your wall or ceiling.

Unlike the Beam, the Smart Beam doesn’t require an app for functionality and, as mentioned, can be simply plugged into a mobile device.  Like the Beam, the Smart Beam allows you to perform the same tricks, including sharing photos and videos, art projecting images, showing presentations at the office or streaming film or TV.