Viewing websites designed for desktop on tiny mobile device screens, cause users to pinch and zoom, scroll left to right and search menus of information just to find the required content. These thumb unfriendly methods are time consuming and awkward, and frustrate the mobile user.

Optimised for the mobile screen, an Amobie Mobile Business website is the perfect solution for businesses looking to connect with Ireland’s huge mobile audience. This is because an Amobie website features easily accessible integrated maps, menus, galleries, and just the necessary information to allow mobile users make decisions on the go.

Amobie Mobile Business is the smart solution for businesses who want to connect with the fastest growing demographic in Ireland: the mobile user.

As it is quicker and cheaper to build a mobile responsive website than maintain standard websites or apps, an added benefit of an Amobie Mobile Business website is its cost. Moreover, as mobile is the preferred device for browsing, with 92% of Irish mobile users accessing the web daily*, an Amobie website is the perfect medium to connect businesses with the mobile user.

Businesses perceptive enough to have a mobile responsive website benefit by keeping that one important step ahead of the competition. If your business still relies on a desktop designed website as its sole method of communication, you are not connecting with Ireland’s huge mobile audience. If you want to be where your customers are at, and that’s on mobile, get in touch and we will help you to connect.

View demo Amobie Mobile Business sites, and order your new mobile responsive website here for just €198.

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*Google Mobile Planet