Enterprise Ireland is responsible for developing and promoting Ireland’s indigenous business sector. Their mission is to accelerate the advancement of world-class Irish companies so as to achieve positions of strength within global markets. In February 2012, Enterprise Ireland co-ordinated Ireland’s national pavilion at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) by showcasing 16 Irish telecommunications SMEs.

Prior to the MWC event, Enterprise Ireland approached DoIt Mobile to find out what mobile services we could provide them with, and how we could help in promoting the 16 Irish telecommunications SMEs at the MWC.

To assist their efforts, DoIt Mobile placed optimised DoIt Mobile QR Codes on Enterprise Ireland’s MWC brochure cover, which in turn provided a link to a multi-platform app detailing information on each company, as well as MWC event news.

In addition to QR Code integration, DoIt Mobile connected Enterprise Ireland’s Best Connected blog and twitter feed to the mobile app. We also generated a QR code for each of the SMEs, placing the code next to each company profile in the Enterprise Ireland’s MWC brochure circulated at the event. MWC attendees were able to scan an SME QR Code with their smartphones and access the corresponding company page in the app. Each SME was also given login access to the app, allowing them to manage content and add product videos and company details information. This feature allowed attendees get a better feel for showcased products via their mobile devices.

A special feature allowed event attendees share a Mobile Invite to the Guinness Reception with their friends, and this proved to be a huge success with the MWC’s attendees.