Lorna Byrne is the acclaimed bestselling author of ‘Angels in my Hair’. Since its 2008 publication by Random House, Lorna’s inspirational life story has been translated into over 26 languages and has made it into many international bestseller lists. Following on from this huge success, Lorna has published ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘A Message of Hope from Angels’. Both books have sold in their thousands, with ‘A Message of Hope from Angels’ reaching the Number 1 spot in the Sunday Times bestsellers list.

To coincide with Random House’s launch of ‘Angels in my Hair’, DoIt Mobile designed a promotional website for Lorna’s first publication. However, due to the phenomenal publicity she received, and the success of her other publications since, we decided that Lorna’s website needed a redesign and upgrade, so that Lorna could effectively communicate with her ever growing fan base.

In the new design we added a content management system (CMS), which in turn allowed us add and manage the content Lorna wanted to convey to her audience. Information on events, book signings, press releases, publications, and about Lorna herself, allowed her not only communicate more effectively with her fans, but also help grow the potential of her message.

Through redesigning Lorna’s website, DoIt Mobile refreshed the Lorna Byrne brand; giving it a modern and appealing look and feel. Furthermore, the updated website also supported integrated social media links, which allowed Lorna connect with a previously untapped audience.

Like her inspirational message and books, Lorna’s website is hugely successful. Its design and functionality makes it easier for Lorna to announce and promote events online, and publish current information and event news items with ease. Moreover, the previous difficult task of adding new press items was simplified, allowing Lorna focus on her message rather than its means of conveyance. So far, fans’ feedback on the new website has been very positive and this is demonstrated by the huge number of fans who continue to connect with Lorna through the website’s integrated social media.

Since her new website has gone live, Lorna has built up a following of almost 40,000 Facebook friends, 6,000 Twitter followers, and has had over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Moreover, 40,000 fans have signed up to the website’s integrated newsletter, and over 2,000 fans have entered a one off competition via the website where the winner got to meet with Lorna in person. These huge numbers signal brilliant success.

Check out the links to Lorna’s website and social media pages to get an idea of how a DoIt Mobile website can work for you and your audience.