Located on the doorstep of Google’s European HQ, and close to the Aviva and RDS, The Chophouse was recently honoured with Best Gastro Pub awards from The Good Eating Guide and The Restaurant Association of Ireland. Offering amazing value, exquisite food in an easy-going pub environment, The Chophouse is our favourite restaurant in Dublin.

To build on their richly deserved recognition, The Chophouse approached DoIt Mobile for a mobile web solution, which would help grow their reputation for fine food and wines. To deliver on The Chophouse’s high expectations, DoIt Mobile applied our WebMob Mobile Business (WebMob) platform to create a unique mobile responsive website.

Accessing websites designed for desktop on mobile screens requires the users to pinch and zoom, scroll left to right and search multiple menus just to find content relevant to their search. A WebMob site removes these obstacles, and is the perfect surfing solution for busy mobile users.

A WebMob site features clickable, navigable and legible design and functionality, and uses maps, menus, galleries and just the necessary information needed for the busy mobile user to make decisions on the go. Our WebMob site has made a big impression on the Google employees and the passionate rugby fraternity who frequent The Chophouse regularly.

As a mobile responsive website is quicker and cheaper to build than a standard website or app, one benefit of a WebMob site is the cost. Moreover, as mobile Internet browsing is the preferred way of getting online, with 92%* of Irish mobile users accessing the Internet daily, a WebMob site is also the perfect way to connect with Ireland’s huge mobile audience.

By going mobile, The Chophouse was able to connect with Ireland’s substantial mobile audience and gain momentum over the competition. If you still rely on a standard website as your sole method of customer communication, your business is missing out. If you want to be where your customers are at, and that’s on mobile, contact DoIt Mobile and we will help you grow your profile.

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*Google Our Mobile Planet