Taking place every November and December, the long running Galway Continental Christmas Market is organised by the Galway Business Association. As with Christmas markets on the continent, attendees can experience everything from traditional gift and craft stalls, bierkellers, artisan foods, mulled wine, live-music and charity events. The 2013 market saw over 650,000 visitors, making it one of the busiest and most popular outdoor events in the country.

Due to the numbers attending, and the ever increasing size and packed schedule, the market’s organisers wanted to make a visit to the Eyre Square event as stress-free as possible for attendees. Dismissing flyers and other printed forms of publicity as old-fashioned, costly and ineffective, they quickly settled on DoIt Mobile’s Eventpac event solution for iOS and Android.

On downloading DoIt Mobile’s Galway Continental Christmas Market app to their mobile or tablet devices, market attendees could:

  • Effortlessly find their way around the market
  • Check what each stall, food counter and kiosk had to offer
  • Book for events before arriving at the market
  • Find information on charity, concert and live events, and save events as favourites
  • Keep up to date with rescheduled events

With DoIt Mobile’s event app, users could plan their trip, and then have the time to relax, experience the festive atmosphere, and make the most out of their Christmas Market visit.

Partnering with the market’s organiser throughout the app design and publishing process, DoIt Mobile set out to tailor an Eventpac event app for the market’s 650,000 + visitors by ensuring the following:

  • The user got a smooth and relevant mobile app experience
  • The app had a consistent look and feel across all devices
  • The app functioned speedily and intuitively across all devices
  • The app functioned across all operating systems (iOS and Android)
  • Content was viewable on all devices, and at all times
  • The app displayed modern graphics and up to date images that were in tune with the Christmas theme, were visually appealing, easy-to-see, and demonstrated the market’s festive appeal
  • The app’s content was well researched, appealing, readable, straight forward, and allowed attendees make decisions on the go
  • The app’s easy-to-use content management system (CMS) allowed the market’s organisers regularly add, edit and publish content

The result: an event solution popular with both market organisers and attendees.

For your free Galway Continental Christmas Market app click on Android or iOS, or scan the QR tag for direct download.