In partnership with the digital service agency Activeark JWT, DoIt Mobile developed the Vodafone Meet Anywhere conference call app for Vodafone Global Enterprises, Vodafone’s communication solutions division.

The Vodafone Meet Anywhere app allows its users to setup and manage their conference calls on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Vodafone Meet Anywhere features include:

  • Device calendar scan to find scheduled meetings
  • Automatic conference call dial-in
  • Quick dial-in to scheduled or favourite meetings
  • Join conference by dial-out
  • Conference participant list
  • Full conference controls, including participant mute and meeting lock
  • Conference schedule and participant invite

Vodafone Meet Anywhere is an ongoing project. Throughout the project, DoIt Mobile provides the development resources needed to implement all versions of the app, and also develops and hosts the server side infrastructure needed to support the app’s operation.

The mobile version of the Vodafone Meet Anywhere app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian, and as a web app on all major browsers.