We’ve all been there! Running low on power with no charger or spare battery to allow you make that all important phone call. However, Samsung have come up the solution. The Samsung Power Sharing Cable allows you to share power between your Samsung smartphone or tablet and another device.

All you have to do is first plug the cable into the device you wish to charge from and then plug it into the device you want to charge to. Arrows on either ends of the cable indicate which way the power flows (either in or out of the device) and with the cable’s built-in intelligence, your device’s battery will be charging in seconds. Select Samsung devices are chargeable without having the app installed, however with the app, all micro USB devices are chargeable.

Portable and compact, the Power Sharing Cable is easily carried in your pocket or purse and is the perfect accessory for the busy mobile user who needs to quickly power a device. Exchange power from one of your devices to another, or simply link up to a friend or colleague’s device. The cable also allows you to quickly charge a wearable, Bluetooth headset, or any other micro USB device.

Using the Power Sharing Cable app, you can select exactly how much power you would like to exchange between devices and also monitor the progress of the power transfer. However, the app, which is available from Samsung Apps and Google Play, works on select Samsung devices only.