There is nothing more irritating for web users than surfing the net on their smartphones, clicking on what looks like an interesting website and finding it hasn’t been optimised for mobile. Pages load slowly, navigation is impossible, text is illegible and having to scroll up and down and from left to right trying to find what you’re looking for is simply annoying.

61% of mobile device users said that after having a bad mobile experience, they would never return to a website again, while 40% of mobile users jumped to the competitors’ mobile optimised sites. These percentages demonstrate that no mobile user wants to labour their way through a website specifically designed for a desktop PC and that consists of pages of text spread out over a myriad of links. In today’s modern, mobile world, people simply don’t have time nor patience. The carefully selected typography, the well written text, those beautiful graphics and the marketing hype may look magnificent on a PC screen, but on a tiny mobile screen, they come across as clunky and cramped.

Check your standard website on a mobile browser and attempt to assess your browsing experience through the eyes of your current and potential customers.

  • Are the graphics visible?
  • Is the content clear and concise?
  • Do you have to pinch and zoom to find content?
  • Is the text legible?
  • Can you navigate easily?
  • Are there click to call buttons, maps and location information?
  • Can you scroll up and down without having to scroll left to right?

Are your answers no to most or all of the above questions? Now think how these negatives affect your customers and, consequently, your business. You must take into account that just because you can see your standard website on a mobile device, it does not mean it is mobile friendly.

Mobile internet browsing, rather than the traditional PC-type browsing, is the preferred way of getting online. In Ireland, 89% of users access the internet on their mobile devices. Moreover, per head of population, Ireland has one of the highest percentages of mobile use in the world; there being more mobile devices than people. Moreover, mobile usage is expanding at a rapid rate and therefore, your business really needs to be where your customers are at and that’s on mobile.  Without a mobile optimised website you really are losing out on attracting new clients and growing your business. To keep your business at the cutting-edge of mobile technology and to stay that one step ahead of your closest competitors isn’t it time you seriously considered moving into the modern mobile world?